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Online License Management Portal

Manage Customers & Subscriptions to your SaaS Product. Through our Online License Management Portal, you will be able to tract down your Customers, the licenses to your product that you have created, and also the subscriptions to your Product. You can get statistics such as your Total Monthly revenue.

API Integration

Integrate EarnShark Licensing API with your SaaS Solution. Couple your Application with the EarnShark API. We provide well-defined integration points to connect your app to key events of licensing. Ex: Adding of New Subscription, Expiration of Subscription, Renewal of Subscription, etc.

Self-Sign Up

Enable Your Customers to Sign Up to your SaaS Solution through your Web-Site. Create Licenses for your Product through the Online License Management Portal and expose them to your landing page to enable users to sign up to your app directly from the landing page.

Payment Gateway Integration

Automate Billing Procedure of Self Sign Up Licenses. No more manual payments. Enable your future customers to pay for their licenses online through EarnShark Payments.


How EarnShark made our Customer Rich

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EarnShark really helped Boost Tech to bring out our App to our Customers
with its great Self-Sign up and Payment Functionality.

Ian Goldstein
COO - Boost Tech


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EarnShark is an easy-to-use, robust SaaS Subscription Management Platform. Easily sell you SaaS Apps Online through our easy to use Self Sign-Up Cababilities, with integrated Payment Gateways. Get Statistics and monitor Apps financial health through our online portal.

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